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With fifteen grandchildren I have begun making a lot of toys.

Settlers of Catan ® Game Box

The Catan ® series of games are some of the most popular games ever developed. Their segmented design makes the game board unique every time you play. The SOC Game Box has been designed from the ground up to be an attractive and durable solution to the alignment and portability issues that can occur with your Settlers of Catan ® and Cities and Knights ® playing surfaces. In addition it enables the game to be played on a soft surface such as a carpet or bed, and it supports both the 4-player and 6-player versions.  (To use with Cities and Knights ® just set the Barbarian tile to the side.)

So goes the promo for when I was producing these regularly. I no longer make these except for friends and family because they are very time consuming and not at all profitable, and I never was able to find the hinges I wanted.

Seafarers of Catan ®

After seeing the Settlers of Catan ® Game Box, one of my customers special-ordered this Cherry box to support Seafarers of Catan ®.





Doll Cradle

Hey Mom, look.. the new baby fits in my doll bed.






The hardest part of making this is trying to teach the child that it doesn't really fly. "That's OK, Grandpa can fix it."

Rocking Horse


Chinese Checkers


Chess Board

For my father's 91st birthday.

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