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Salad Set

These salad utensils were hand-carved from antique American Chestnut and as a result will probably never be used. The customer simply wanted a unique way to preserve a remnant of the barn they tore down.

Wall/Mantle Clock

This was primarily made so my grandchildren could learn to tell time on something other than a digital clock.

Portrait Display

The local Ambulance Company needed a better way to mount pictures of their Directors on the wall.


Distressed Wood

Distressed Wood is a term that too often has come to mean wood that has been intentionally beaten up with tools to obtain an antique appearance. This simple box was made from oak boards sawn from barn beams that were approximately 150 years old. The worm holes, stress cracks and stains add a flavor that cannot be obtained by artificial means.


Bud Vase


Cremation Urn

This Urn was built to hold the remains of my son after his unfortunate passing. It is made from solid walnut, has reinforced corners, was assembled with waterproof glue and was sealed both inside and out with several coats of Polyurethane.

Serving Tray

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