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Pantry Cabinet

This cabinet was made from white oak that was salvaged from 150 year-old barn beams. The worm holes and trails are magnificent up close.


In one year I made four of these:

Arya, Ethan, Libby, Sophie, Hobbes, Logan, Logan and friends

The cradles shown here are all made from cherry except Logan's which is walnut. I also made one from oak but never got a picture of it.

This item features tool-free assembly and easily disassembles to store on a shelf when not in use.

Router Table

A router table might be better on a "Tools" page, but since I don't have a tools page yet I had to put it someplace.

I began using this router table long before it was finished and as a result I may never finish it. The requirements keep changing all the time.

Sewing Table

This table was made from furniture-grade plywood with a plastic laminate top and solid oak trim.


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